gong messenger

Frequently Asked Questions

Gong supports iOS and Android phones. For iPhones, iOS 7 and above is supported. For Android phones, Android 2.3.3 and above is supported.

When you run Gong for the first time you’ll see the registration screen. You can select your country and enter your phone number in order to receive the verification code and start using Gong.

It is sometimes possible that the SMS messages not be delivered. When you face such a problem please make sure you have entered your phone number correctly and ask Gong to send the SMS verification code again.

All the SMS charges are covered by Gong. Receiving SMS verification messages free of charge for the users.

It is completely free to install and to use Gong for individuals*. Corporations, which use Gong, are charged based on the number of members they have. However, the members themselves can use Gong (both corporate and individual use) free of charge.

After you register your corporation with Gong and add the members of your corporation with their titles and permissions, your members will automatically be able to utilize Gong for corporate use.

You can follow this link to register your corporation with Gong.

Yes. You can use Gong free of charge for both corporate and individual use.

You can only find your friends in your address book who are also Gong users. The Gong users in your address book will automatically show up in Gong.

Yes. Your device establishes a secure connection with Gong servers. It is not possible for someone without physical access to your phone to read your messages. As soon as your messages are delivered to the recipients they are deleted from the Gong servers.

You can’t. There is no way of recovering the conversations once they are deleted.

The Gong account is tied to the phone number of the device that Gong is running on. Therefore, every devices has it’s own Gong account with it’s own phone number. However, there’s no limit on how many devices you can use with your own name.

Yes. Gong supports users from all over the world. You can use Gong to communicate with your friends from anywhere in the world. Please make sure the phone numbers of your friends in your address book include the country code.

You can use Gong anywhere, free of charge, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have any more questions you can reach us at info@gong-messenger.com

*Apart from any fees your service provider may charge for data use.